Monster Outbreak

From Another Dimension!

The Story

It all started when they found the Dimensional Orb. Humanity just couldn't help themselves. The Orb was too tempting. We now had the ability to explore alternate realities, see things that we never could have imagined ourselves. Of course when we were successfully able to replicate the orb, there were pats on the back all around. However the door opens both ways. When the orbs began to go out of our control, we were now faced with an invasion from multiple dimensions. With monsters everywhere, the only hope is to find the orb and destroy it once and for all.

What is Monster Outbreak?

Monster Outbreak is a wave defence game at its core. You start with a resource building and gathering phase, followed by a wave of monster combat. How you do it is up to you, but you need to craft and build your tools:

  • Melee and ranged weapons, from swords to bows to magical staffs

  • Weapon based structures like the bomb slingshot and crossbow turret

  • Trap structures like spike traps and bomb tripwires

  • Resource and cosmetic structures like smelters and fences

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The monster horde is bad enough. But can you survive the deadly bosses too?


  • Local and online co-op

  • Multiple Weapons and cosmetics to unlock as you play


All of us at GameMunchers are huge video game fans and grab our inspirations from all over the industry, with years of game development experience. Monster Outbreak on it's own draws from many games we are passionate about. Like the classic combat from Legend of Zelda, building and resource gathering from Harvest Moon / Stardew Valley, and wave defense from Gears of War.