Outbreak Log 4

Hello! This week we have a few monsters to show off! First off as you can see above we have a mushroom monster! Some creatures in Monster Outbreak will be laying traps for the player to walk over, and as you could probably guess, the mushroom here has a poisonous purple spore trap that will… Continue reading Outbreak Log 4

Outbreak Log 3

This week, we have a few things to talk about. In the art department as you can see above, we have the pixel art for our dimensional orb all done. This orb is what starts it all, and we wanted to open our game with this little guy for the exposition in the beginning of… Continue reading Outbreak Log 3

Outbreak Log 2

For log 2 this week, we only have a few updates for Monster Outbreak because unfortunately, technical difficulties (internet issues) prevented us from progressing as far as we wanted to this week. The system for in-game cutscenes has been completed, but the tutorial cutscenes themselves are still being finished up. A few pieces of art… Continue reading Outbreak Log 2

Outbreak Log 1

One week ago, we said we would be doing a dev log for Monster Outbreak every week. So here we are. We decided to delay releasing our demo (originally intended for March), to add more things that will be in the full game: Showcase the in-game cutscenes with a tutorial sequence. In-game map to showcase… Continue reading Outbreak Log 1