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Outbreak Log 10

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Hello everybody!

Thanks for checking in it’s time for our Outbreak Log! Lots has happened since the last log:

Hello, today we have a lot of good updates to announce, we have made a lot of progress this past few months

All of the Monsters are now added into the game, the only thing that’s left is the last boss!! Sneak peek of some end game monsters below

We have all the structures in the game tested and ready to go. In the game we will have 41 structures to choose from!! You can see the shop list below!

All the Maps have been added into the game, finished, and polished! All maps also have survival mode working!!

Potions are now added into the game make potions that will heal you up, or give you cool buffing effects!!

Other notes,
-Nintendo switch and online multiplayer are both up and working 👀, both need a lot of testing still though!!
-done a lot of balancing!!
-A lot of testing and bug fixing!!
-Doing environmental improvements!!




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