Outbreak Log 8

Outbreak Log 8

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Hello everybody!

Thanks for checking in it’s time for our Outbreak Log! Lots has happened since the last log:

Combat Improvements:

-Thunder enchantments added in the game.
– Status Effects added into the game
– Attributes system for combat

All the items, and potion art is complete!!

We now have a male character!

  • Check out the list below for a summary of everything we talked about here, and a few things we didn’t mention:

  • Added Options as a button in the center column on main menu
  • Fixed Enchanting Table
  • Made enchanted weapon be auto equipped after enchanting
  • Added Sweep Transition in world selection menu
  • Fixed camera in low fps mode
  • Fixed Options Close button
  • Finished new Shop
  • Animated locks on shop
  • Change shop sfx
  • Animated locks on World Selection
  • Optimized monster navigation calls
  • Optimized monster spawning
  • Increased lifetime of dropped items

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