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Outbreak Log 6

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for checking in it’s time for our Outbreak Log! Lots has happened since the last log:

Undead boss

The Undead boss is one of our upcoming bosses. We wanted him to be a trickier boss with lots of speed, and a poison-based attacks that the player will need to avoid (Also, he turns into a giant skull which is pretty cool):


We also have a few new monsters, like the lich skeleton which will be reviving other skeletons downed in battle. This way, the player will have to worry about them even after death! The scourge bug is another exploding monster, that will go after objectives and points of interest.


We also have a few maps as well, like the new Undead maps, and the new town lobby map. This will pull double duty as a lobby for players to select their next map or purchase items, and the first map for one of our game modes!


Lastly, our artists have also been hard at work creating a bunch of weapon sprites for players to use in game! We currently have bronze, steel, bone, obsidian, and dragon weapons!

Check out the list below for a summary of everything we talked about here, and a few things that we didn’t mention:

– Added the Lich skeleton for reviving other skeletons
– Added the scourge exploding bug
– Recolored and added monsters for the undead level (spider, slime, man-eating plant, rock crab)

– New town lobby
– Village map
– Undead map
-Structure Mechanics
– Spike spinner added

Monster Art
– Serpent- Giant Devourer
– Invader Monster

Weapon Art
– Bone Sword, Obsidian Sword,

Quality of Life
– Invincibility frames for damage to balance combat
– drop items from inventory

Boss Art
– Undead KingMap Art
– Volcanic Tilemap, Volcanic rocks and burnt trees

Thanks for checking out this months’ Monster Outbreak Log!


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