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Outbreak Log 5

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Hello Everyone!

After a long hiatus, and spending a lot of time working on the game, we decided to start doing our Monster Outbreak Dev Logs again! Expect monthly logs from now on! Lots has happened since the last log:

Slime King

The Slime King is one of our upcoming bosses. He will keep players on their toes by trapping them in slime prisons, going after structures, and raining slime down from above!

In-Game Shop

Another recent addition to the game is Favians shop! Favian will always be around when you need him to sell you new weapons, structures, and player skins with your hard-earned gold. So far, the shop carries all of the structures added to the game so far as well as the new bronze and steel swords!


We have been hard at work getting together tile maps and environment sprites for all of the levels for the game. The tile maps that we have gotten done this past month are the desert and undead tilemaps, and we are continuing to work on the sprites for each. The desert tile map will be full of sprites like cacti, palm trees, and old ruins! The undead map on the other hand will have barren trees, and cemeteries to match!


To match the undead environment, we wanted to have a bunch of skeletons to match. So far we have 4 skeletons that we have added. The bow and mage skeletons will attack from a distance, while the swordsman and spearman will come in close. The spearman has a strong shield as well to defend itself from incoming attacks!

Check out the list below for a summary of everything we talked about here, and a few things that we didn’t mention:

Split Screen
Revive Mechanic for friendly players Implemented for split screen

UI Improvement
Added a new radial menu to improve speed of building

In-Game Shop:
Shop with the ability to purchase weapons and structures
Equip weapons and structures in shop
Bronze sword added
Steel sword added

Environment Art
Village sprites done (Houses, Well, Fence, misc)
Ruins for desert environment
Church for undead environment
Undead tile set
Desert tile set

Monster Mechanics
Slime King

Monster Art
Skeletons (mage, sword, bow, shield)

Structure Art
Spike Spinner

Thanks for checking out this months’ Monster Outbreak Log!


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