Outbreak Log 4

Outbreak Log 4

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Hello! This week we have a few monsters to show off! First off as you can see above we have a mushroom monster! Some creatures in Monster Outbreak will be laying traps for the player to walk over, and as you could probably guess, the mushroom here has a poisonous purple spore trap that will cause the player to lose health!

Next on the list here is the Blue Bomber:

Blue Bombers

They are pretty quick, and explode as soon as they are able to get in range! Best to either get them from a distance, or hit them away before they explode.

Blue Bomber Deaths

Split Screen!

One of the things missing in so many games, we wanted to make sure there was split screen for the game! This week one of the other things we worked on was getting multiple viewports properly working, and multiple controller input working:

Split Viewports

And that’s all for this week!

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