Outbreak Log 2

Outbreak Log 2

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For log 2 this week, we only have a few updates for Monster Outbreak because unfortunately, technical difficulties (internet issues) prevented us from progressing as far as we wanted to this week. The system for in-game cutscenes has been completed, but the tutorial cutscenes themselves are still being finished up. A few pieces of art for the UI have also been done.

In-game Cursors

Future Monsters and Structures

As we develop the game, we also continue to brainstorm monster mechanics! Here are a few of our favourites that we thought of so far:

  • Weak, but explosive enemies to keep players on their toes.
  • Projectiles that can be reflected back onto monsters
  • Segmented enemies (enemies that turn into smaller versions of themselves)
  • Enemies with status effects for the player (ex. slow down speed)

We also have some other neat ideas, for structures to try and add more strategy to building

  • Structures that give player status upgrades (Cauldron)
  • Barriers
  • Slow down or stop monsters from moving

Next week we will have some art for you to show off more of our planning process for the in game creatures we will create!


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