Outbreak Log 1

Outbreak Log 1

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One week ago, we said we would be doing a dev log for Monster Outbreak every week. So here we are.

We decided to delay releasing our demo (originally intended for March), to add more things that will be in the full game:

  • Showcase the in-game cutscenes with a tutorial sequence.
  • In-game map to showcase game world and campaign structure.

Additionally, we wanted to spend a little more time to polish other aspects of the game:

  • Menu’s and UI.
  • Audio.
  • In-game sprites and tilesets.

Okay, since last week we have added the dialogue system that the in-game cutscenes will use:

In Game Chat Bubbles

We also started work on the in game map that will be used in-game to travel between levels:

Small Island From World Map

Next Week:

For the next week, we plan on having the system for in-game cutscenes more fleshed out, and having the in-game map finished up.


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